How to install and activate the Artlantis network license?

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The Artlantis keyserver application allows you to launch Artlantis on a specific number of client computers connected to a network.

The serial number will activate the Artlantis keyserver app installed on a server. 

The Artlantis keyserver controls the number of running Artlantis licenses on the network. Their number is defined by the serial number.


- A specific "Network" serial number composed of two groups of numbers of six digits each.

- A network with connected MAC and/or PC computers. A physical server station.

- Artlantis Keyserver application installed on the server. You can download this independent application from the Artlantis website:

- Artlantis trial versions installed on client workstations.

Make sure that all Atlantis installations have the same version number.

Step 1: Activation of the Artlantis Keyserver app

Install the Artlantis keyserver application on a server and activate it through the Internet. The server can be any computer connected to the network. It is recommended to select a computer that is connected to the Internet. Please note that the computer chosen as a server cannot run the Keyserver app and Artlantis at the same time.

Enter the serial number and validate. A message will confirm the successful activation. 

The license and network information is displayed in Artlantis Keyserver.

Click Start to launch the Keyserver.

Windows Service must be relaunched before using Artlantis KeyServer. 

After the installation Windows Service needs to be relaunched to use Artlantis KeyServer. 

Step 2: Install Artlantis clients

Download the latest Artlantis trial version from here:

and install it on the client workstations. 

Please note that you must install Artlantis manually on each workstation. Image file installation or application cloning is not supported.

Step 3: Start working with Artlantis

Make sure Artlantis Keyserver is running on the server. You can now launch Artlantis on client workstations. Artlantis License Manager will appear.

Click KeyServer to find an available key if there is a license available on the server. Artlantis will be activated and launched immediately.

 The IP address of the server can be read in the Artlantis KeyServer. The IP address is stored by the client computer.

When relaunching Artlantis on a client computer, there is no need to click on this button. It will be automatically connected to the available KeyServer.

Note: Artlantis Batch Renderer cannot be used if you are running Artlantis through a keyserver app. 

Step 4: Deactivation of the Artlantis Keyserver app

The KeyServer can be started as a Windows service. Please refer to your Windows documentation on how to run an application as a Windows service.

As soon as Artlantis is launched on a client computer, it will be displayed on the right-hand side of the Keyserver window. When moving your mouse over the client IP, details about the client will be shown: the IP address, the OS, and Mac Address.

The left side of the window displays the license and network information.

License Information displays:

- the version number of Artlantis KeyServer and the serial number.

Network Information displays: 

- The number of allowed clients and the number of connected clients.

-The IP address of the server. This IP address should be entered by computers on a sub-network.

- The port number. It can be changed only when all clients are disconnected from the KeyServer.

The KeyServer needs three available port numbers.

By default, the port number is 50950. Port numbers 50951 and 50952 will also be used.

Any port number other than 50950 can be entered, and +1 and +2 must be available. The new port number must not be used by any third-party service and its increments.

Disconnecting Clients:

Select one or more IP addresses in the right-hand list, then click Disconnect.

Conditions: you cannot launch Artlantis on a computer where KeyServer is already launched. The KeyServer can be stopped at any time; there is no need to wait for clients to be disconnected.

Keyserver issues

- Only one KeyServer license can be run on the network at a time.

- If a client cannot connect, please check that the Firewall allows incoming and outgoing connections.

- Error 1: The available license numbers have already been reached; there are no free licenses. You must deactivate some on other computers before activating on the new one.

Keeping Artlantis updated

We are permanently working to solve known issues of Artlantis. From time to time, we release new updates containing the fixes.

Please note that when you decide to update Artlantis in your company, you must update all client installations and the keyserver to avoid version conflicts.

Step 1 - Update the KeyServeur application on your server.

Please check for a new version of the KeyServeur application on our website:

If you need to update the KeyServeur app, you must manually stop the KeyServeur first, then close the KeyServeur application. Then you can update by using the latest installer available.

Note: You do not need to deactivate the KeyServeur license when updating the software.

Step 2 - Update Artlantis on your workstations.

Close Artlantis if it is running. Then you can manually perform the update on each workstation.

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